Company Profile

A Jordanian company offering professional Engineering services; The Company came into existence as a result of long experience of its founders in the field of vertical transportation & parking equipment supplies.

Found in 2006 as a sister company to Agencies & Engineering services Est. (1985~2010). We created ABDO ENGINEERING Co. with a single mission: to provide our customers with the highest end products & solutions delivered by top notch talented team. Continuous improvements is an important part of our mindset we spend a lot of time recruiting and training the right people and collecting best practices after each engagement to pursuit our core management model: Service Excellence. We are continuously building industry-specific practices and expanding our global presence. All of these activities translate into added value and measurable return on investment for our customers.

Long lasting relationship is our genuine philosophy and one of our core values. As your partner, we will bring passion for excellence, open and honest communication and a proven track record of success. We look forward to having you as a part of our growing family of satisfied clients.

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Management Strategies

Safety and reliability have been our foremost concerns. We work constantly to improve them and develop safer& more reliable working environment. Service excellence is more than what we provide. It is how we think and act. It is not just “fixing a problem” or performing routine maintenance, but it’s the smile in the voice over the phone, prompt response to all requests and the drive to always improve. it is how we work together and how we work with our customers. Transparent ethical standard is an uncompromising core value. We will pursue fair competition and of good quality in products and services.

Abdo Engineering Main Business Divisions

Elevators, Escalators & Moving Walks:

  • Villa elevators, Hydra a hydraulic solution designed to fit private villas, disabled persons, outdoor installations and old buildings with space limitations.
  • Passenger elevators, from the world leader SIGMA – Korea "Formerly LG elevators". Our solution covers full range of elevators, passenger, goods, bed elevators, etc…
  • ORONA 3G Green elevators, low power consumption elevators that are environment friendly, Low heat dissipation solution with the ReGen innovation 75% energy compared with standard elevators.
  • Dumb Waiters & loading platforms, service lifts for goods only.
  • Doppler Special solutions:
    • Mega Space elevators.
    • Low Pit, Low headroom elevators.
    • Earthquake resistant elevator.
    • Hydraulic machine roomless elevator.
    • Modernization solutions.

Parking related systems

  • Off-street parking systems, from world leader DESIGNA including short term parkers terminals, season parkers terminal, revenue control software and reporting tools.
  • On-Street parking meters (pay & display machines )
  • Parking guidance systems, ParkHelp single space detection & signage systems, traffic monitoring software with state of the art system.
  • Parking Traffic solutions, innovative solutions eliminating possible traffic Jams, solutions to specially designed parking lots, traffic flow directing.
  • Parking security systems, Security bollards, under vehicle detection systems, road blockers
  • Access control systems, office building systems, door openers
  • Parking accessories:
    • LED Lighting, for better lighting of underground car parks, longer life span/ less maintenance and replacement efforts. Low energy consumption that pays back the cost of initial investment in less than a year.
    • Rubber accessories, pole covers, wheel stoppers, speed humps, flexible bollards, etc…
    • Painting equipment, line marking, parking space marking.
    • Painting material, long lasting paint, cost effective with 250m/paint bottle.
    • Cleaning equipment / material.

Industrial doors and loading solutions

IKS Automation, although it is new born, is a five year firm with work experience and qualification. We have a dynamic and young team and aim to lead the sectoral standards with professional approaches and to meet the expectations and satisfaction of our customers completely. Creative solutions for loading-unloading application of client We can produce hydraulic and non hydraulic system manual or electric power. Our designs are independent from loading capacity or dimensions. What we can do is limited by client's imagines.

  • Industrial door & Loading systems: Industrial sectional overhead doors, rolling pvc and aluminium doors, loading ramp solutions, mega door, shipyard door, airplane warehouse door.
  • Rolling shutter & Garage doors Rolling garage doors, rolling shop security door.
  • Sliding & revolving door systems Automatic sliding door, curved door, revolving door, hospital operation room door and hermetic door systems.
  • Fire rated doors & curtains Fire Doors are rated physical fire barriers that protect wall openings from the spread of fire.
  • Embeded Yard Ramp Embedded loading ramp serve extra operation area for loading and unloading procedure. It is special choice for loading with its strong body and efficient design.
  • Personnel Lift (Scissor Lift) System is designed for efficient and ergonomic usage. Side barrier-electric driver or diesel options are satisfy to you any conditions. Self maneuvering or pulled system supply good ergonomic usage. Electric driver system is so quiet and cost effective solutions at especially sound sensitive area (hotel theatre etc) can be used with easily. Standard system capacity is 350 kg and can be raised up to 9- 16 mt at standard dimensions. Standard product is also cost effective solution.
  • Dock Leveler This system can solve your all standard requirements for loading unloading application. Standard dimensions supply enough slop to use fork lift and other lifting materials. Special requirements we can design and produce what you need.


In 2007 Abdo Engineering Co. formed a partnership with DESIGNA GMBH.
DESIGNA one of the world leaders in parking and access control systems, we supplied car parking management solutions to key projects in Jordan and we continue to marketing all kinds of ticketing and access control systems from top notch suppliers. We're in contact with on street parking suppliers for the purpose of pricing several on-street parking tenders since 2008 as well as offering technical support to design & consultancy engineering offices.

In 2007 Abdo Engineering Co. formed a partnership with DNDT Elevators.
the largest producer for villa elevators in China DNDT uses imported hydraulic systems from European suppliers. Our villa elevators decorated some of the most prestigious villas in Amman. Our outdoor installed model provided old building owners with a solution to have an elevator without the need for extra civil works.

In 2010 Abdo Engineering Co. formed a partnership with SIGMA ELEVATORS.
SIGMA ELEVATORS Provides full range of elevators, escalators & moving walks. Formerly LG elevators, the Korean manufacturer leads the market with value for money products. AES (our mother company) has been in co-operation with SIGMA ELEVATORS since 1993 with more than 900 units under maintenance in Jordan. We introduced SIGMA ELEVATORS to the Syrian market, West bank market & Iraqi market. Taking the lead to install projects in all of the above mentioned.

In 2011 Abdo Engineering Co. formed a business relationship with DOPPLER the Greek elevator supplier. DOPPLER supplies 3% from the world's demand of hydraulic lifts. DOPPLER supplies special elevators including mega space, low pit & low headroom, car parking elevators

In 2011 Abdo Engineering Co. formed a business relationship with IKS- Turkey & Dynamic loading- turkey. Expanding the product range to reach industrial doors and loading systems. IKS & Dynamic loading supplied scissor lifts and goods lift; mobile yard ramps and ship yard doors.

In 2012 Abdo Engineering Co. formed a business relationship with ORONA-Spain the 52year Spanish manufacturer is considered one if Europe's market leaders in vertical transportation systems having about 10% market share all over Europe. ORONA exists in more than 100 countries now with around 250,000 lifts worldwide with ORONA technology. It was the first company in the sector worldwide certified in Eco-design ISO 14006

In 2013 Abdo Engineering Co. formed a partnership with PARK HELP Spain. PARK HELP is a pioneer worldwide in the development of solutions facilitating access to parking spaces since 2004. The company was founded in 1999 and is 100% Spanish capital. Its guidance system launched six years ago became an industry benchmark, with more than 100,000 parking spaces located in 22 countries installed. ParkHelp lighting System, combined with ParkHelp guidance system, the most sustainable and cost effective solution for indoor car parks.


AE in known to provide excellent customer service. Our professional team handles projects from a sales & a technical perspective to guarantee customer satisfaction.

  • Design & consultancy for parking control equipment projects. Traffic flow, ramp design equipment location etc…
  • Traffic flow management for new buildings to have the optimum number of lifts at the right specifications.
  • Pre installation site check, Work Shop drawings, architectural design aid.
  • Installation team with long experience able to meet our customer's expectations.
  • After sales service available around the clock to provide onsite support, telephone support & remote maintenance.

ABDO ENGINEERING relies on its client’s strong belief in securing a leading market position.