Al-Barakah Mall – Swefyeh


Elite shopping center at the heart of Amman, project location makes its parking targeted by public visitors. Centrally located in Al-Swefyeh commercial district Al-Baraka mall parking consists of three basement floors with spiral ramps. Mall entrance equipped with central magnetic strip technology ENT-120 and industrial fast opening barrier with an articulated arm.
Central manual payment stations located at each basement. Payment at the pay station prior to exiting the mall building is indicated by clear signs.
Major shopping outlets, cinemas, food court are equipped with discount validators granting free parking time according to financial agreement with parking operator.
Standard and backup exit lanes serves the first parking basement with access to the main street. Both exits utilize central strip technology for fast and smooth processing of parking media. Last minute payment station is available next to left hand exit lane for those who didn’t pay at the central manual payment stations or exceeded the time gratification period.

Parking arrangement:
3 Levels Underground parking
1 Entrance magnetic central stripe technology
2 Exit lanes magnetic central stripe technology
3 central MPS stations
1 last minute payment station
830 transactions/day