Zara Car Park – Jabal Amman


Operated by Grand Hyatt Amman hotel; this parking serves the 5Star hotel as well as the functions of Zara Expo& Zara tower (hotel Apartments). Valet parking operation supported for hotel visitors, one use tickets for hotel one day events (weddings), conferencing taking place at the hotel are offered parking medium to be used only during conference dates.
Monthly contracts are offered with hotel apartment rental, contracts can be prolonged from exit cashier booth. Zara car park location in a busy office area made it profitable for the parking operator to rent parking spaces to season parkers during daytime when hotel traffic is at its minimum Car park building consists of 10 floors. Access to the parking utilizes three levels from wadi saqra lower street, wadi saqra upped street and Jabal Amman street. Entire parking uses exit manual payment system; customers present their parking tickets to the cashier prior to leaving the car park. Easy to use webreport tool makes it easy for hotel accounting dept. to follow up financial statements and for operations dept. to plan parking utilization for max revenue generation.

Parking arrangement:
10 Levels Underground
 3 Entrance magnetic
Side stripe technology
 3 Exit MPS stations with
magnetic side stripe technology
 200 transactions/day