Crown plaza Hotel –Amman


Self Operated by hotel management; this parking serves the hotel guests as well as shopping arcade visitors, health club members and employees Parking entrance equipped with customized hotel key card reader for hotel guests.
Hotel key card reader is integrated into DESIGNA ABACUS system. Each hotel programmed card is granted access to the parking facility during the accommodation period. Parking exit equipped with manual payment station with facility of parking tariff change TCU (Tariff change unit) enables the cashier to switch the tariff to a discounted one. 3levels of discount are available. Customers holding validated tickets are granted discount according to hotel management tariff structure.
All entrances and exits are equipped with emergency manual barrier opening functionality to be used when needed. Parking second basement is dedicated for hotel employees. Exit from this level is restricted by access control reader making sure only authorized people access this parking level.

Parking arrangement:
2Levels Underground parking
1 Entrance magnetic Side stripetechnology
2 Exit lanes ( MPS exit with magneticside stripe technology - Employee exit lane)
500 transactions/day